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The Day I Fri-Yayed


Never before have I felt that cheer all the way deep down and into my soul! But, since I do, it’s worth repeating: Fri-yay!!!

So for three days last week I was in the city for work. I have to say that while I love my LBs (and I totally feel like a badass business woman in them) my feet sorely missed my pink and fuzzy slippers. Especially when I was in the office from 6am to well after 8pm or 9pm. And then this week I had planned on taking some time off but I didn’t. Even working from home I’ve been keeping crazy hours. That’s why I took a few hours off this afternoon. I needed some ‘me’ time. I can’t tell you how good it felt to just plop my tired ass down on my couch and zone out for a while. And zone out I did. I’m not sure how long I sat there with my feet up and my house completely quiet. I just stared out my window and watched as a few snowflakes fell slowly to the ground. It. Was. Awesome.

Because I was away from home and met with a lot of people (safely of course) I decided to quarantine myself for 14 days. It’s mostly for my peace of mind just to make sure that I don’t spread anything I might have picked up to anyone else. So not only does that mean that I get to wear my pink and fuzzy slippers 24/7 if I want but also that I need to rely on delivery for my groceries. Yesterday I got a food delivery. $87.64. Yikes! I was like, “Wait. I’m only one person. What the heck did I order???” But it was just the normal produce, meat, canned goods, etc… that I would normally buy. Plus I needed some tissues, batteries, and laundry detergent, and that stuff adds up quick. My only mistake had to do with Pop Tarts. The big 12 count boxes were on super sale, so since I haven’t had a Pop Tart in forever I decided to treat myself to some. Well instead of just putting 1 box into my cart I must have accidentally put in 3. Now I’m left wondering what the heck I’m going to do with 36 Pop Tarts. I’ve already tried shoving them into one of my snack cupboards but there just isn’t enough room. And no way am I starting yet another snack cupboard!

Hmm… what else has been happening with me…

On Valentine’s Day my friend gave me a dozen roses. On Sunday he called me and told me to look outside. So I walked out and not only did I see him leaning against his car in my driveway while he was still talking to me but also the most beautiful bouquet of red roses sitting on my porch. Every night that I was away we talked on the phone, so he knew just how tired and how much I missed being home. So the flowers were a Valentine’s Day/Welcome Back Home surprise. They’re so beautiful! I have them on my kitchen table. Something else he left for me on my porch was a bag of Hostess Donettes. During one of our conversations I happened to mention that I really wanted a few of the chocolate ones and a steaming cup of hot cocoa. I like to take a chocolate donette and dip it into the hot chocolate for a few seconds. The chocolate on the outside of the donette melts a little and it tastes amazing! Trust me on this. I’m a self-proclaimed aficionado on all things snack related!

Other than that and work, nothing else has been happening with me. My big plans for tonight include giving myself an at home facial and then getting into my jammies and being in bed before 9:30pm. Do I know how to live it up or what??!


4:01 p.m. - 2021-02-19


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